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Overview of our Team Positions...

From Broker/Leader Bryan Crabtree:  In the past 20 years, I've built two very successful teams.  The first team was a multi-state, seven office brokerage with 450 associates and sales people that I sold over a decade ago in a seven-figure transaction.  The second team was a boutique distressed sales operation which made my wife and me the number one agents in Charleston, SC for three years in a row before we moved 'home' to Atlanta.

I'm looking for two agents right now. One who has established sales skills and who can help us with frankly a lot of buyer's leads.  In fact, we are spending almost no money to obtain these leads and are receiving about 10-15 new active leads per week.  Once we have the right person(s) we will greatly increase that.  We're also looking for a listing specialist to grow our listing inventory.  We'll provide roughly 2-3 contacts per day of 'likely' sellers.

My long term goal is to spend all of my time in customer service follow up (making sure our team's clients are happy and solving any problems that arise), training and marketing our company to produce more leads.

Listing Specialist

This role will involve cultivating seller valuation leads

and inquiries and counseling potential home sellers

through the process of preparing, listing and selling

their home.This 'specialist' will manage all facets of

the listing process.


Buyer's Specialist

We have a lot of leads. We need people who can aggressively

follow-up on those leads. We expect to give each buyer's specialist

30-50 leads per month.   We want each buyer specialist to work a

pipeline of 300-500 buyers who are likely to buy in the next 24 months

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Not only do we train our agents with cutting edge digital tools involving Facebook, Google and Bing marketing, we also are featured on three Atlanta radio stations (WGKA and WAFS) including WSB Radio, Atlanta's number one station.  Our extensive marketing produces quality buyer and seller contacts with a goal to find potential clients who are willing to buy or sell in the next several months. We have an industry leading Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) that assists in managing customers, clients and tasks so your follow up is enhanced.  Our goal is to provide our clients with exceptional service thus affording our team members the potential to earn well into the six figures (income).


Broker/Founder Bryan Crabtree describes his career and coaching philosophy.

As we grow, we will add roles that include GM/Sales Manager, Listing Specialist, Marketing specialist, etc. Our intention is to have no one with an earnings goal below $75,000 and we'd prefer agents who have a short-term and mid-term earnings goal of $100-250,000.  

There will be ample sales-training and we will be mutually benefiting each other.  I'll be training the first agent and helping them reach their potential while recording the training on videos for our future team members.  The last two agents that had this proximity to my mentorship are solid producers.  One closed nearly $20 million in sales last year and the other closed $64 million.  They are both responsible for their level of success. I simply helped them find their potential faster and avoid many of the pitfalls I faced in my early days of real estate.

If you are interested in joining our team, and discussing this further, please allow me to outline the process:

1.  Send me your resume or reply that you are interested.  

2.  We conduct DISC profiles on each associate to make sure they are a fit for the current role.    is free and you can upload the PDF with your resume on the right.

3.  Then, we conduct a two step interview process, first with me, then quickly with Mackenzie at a later date.  Mackenzie is one of the top REO brokers in the Southeast, so when the market crashes again, she is our insurance policy that business will continue to boom. She's also a master of buyer agency.  When the market is suffering, again, our team WILL NOT.


4.   After we choose you, we want to make sure you choose us. We DO NOT want to attempt to 'convince' anyone to join our team.  If you don't like our process or methodical approach, then our team may not be a good fit.  We've had plenty of applicants get frustrated that we aren't willing to just hire them on the spot.  I've done that model in the past, and it doesn't work.  I am a building a long-term stable team that can profit from this real estate boom, grow even more during the next bust and come out on the other side stronger.  That is what the next ten years will look like in this industry. Boom, Bust, Recovery again.  Unlike most agencies, we will be prepared long before it happens.

5.  My first office had 25-30 of the best sales and customer service professionals I've ever met. When I got the idea to grow multiple offices, we became just another big real estate brokerage.  I'm not doing that again.  I'm rebuilding a team of like-minded professionals that want to empower their greatest strengths and talents and have a coach to lead them to financial victory.  

We all succeed.  We all profit.  

If you're interested, you can fill out the form above and upload your resume.  We'll be in touch soon!