“Thanks for your hard work during this process and I wish you well in the future with your work. Obviously, if I know of someone who wants to sell their home I will mention your name as I believe we did significantly better in the end than we would have with one of the other hundreds of Realtors out there.”


I want to thank you for selling my two homes. Your determination, perserverence, knowledge and professionalism is well recognized. I am pleased to recommend you in any capacity to friends and family and look forward to working with you again in any capacity that I need to buy or sell real estate.

A Relocation Coordinator at a major National Firm

Al just called us to give us a raving compliment on your service that you provided him. Thank you for assisting us with the referral we placed with you. We look forward to many future raving clients and our continued and invaluable partnership in selling homes for our mutual clients.


“Thank you. I must say I am truly impressed by your hard work, perseverence, and patience. I consider myself extremely blessed to have met you and to have had your assistance on this sale. Thank you for making this happen. I have no doubt that this would not have been possible without your service.”


“I want to thank you for all you did in selling dad’s house so quickly. I would reommend you to anyone who wants to sell a home. I feel you gave the time and attention to our sale that you would for a $500,000 home even though this transaction only brought you a small fee. We truly appreciate your hard work and we look forward to working with you again in the future should we need to buy a home or sell one. Thanks again,”

Alexandra – Mount Pleasant, SC

“I wish I had your services last November when I first listed the house! Thanks Alexandra.” “Bryan, First let me thank you for all that you did to ensure that we had a successful marathon closing! You really did go the extra mile for your clients. It portrayed that you know what customer service is all about; painful as it may be at times! Then let me thank you for selling the house in three months; you made a promise and delivered.”

Brian – Mount Pleasant, SC

“I have to directly attribute my high level of success as a Realtor to the guidance and advice that Bryan has given me since day one as a Real Estate Professional. He is an incredible leader with excellent intentions and extensive knowledge. He built and sold a great company.?”

Chris – Summerville

“Bryan is one of the brightest young minds that I have ever met. His business vision is excellent and he has proven to me time and time again to be a strong leader when the enviroment around isnt “smooth sailing”. I also consider Bryan of solid personal character, not afraid to vocalize his position even if it will run against the “popular belief”.”

Ben Schuyler – Broker in Charge (CBUnited)

“Bryan has taught me everything that I know as a broker in real estate. He is an excellent leader, coach, strategist, agent and broker. I give Bryan the highest recommendation possible.”

Jackie – Summerville, SC

“I bought a house in Summermville, SC from Mackenzie 3 years ago. I contacted her through the internet and wrote a million annoying emails with a million annoying questions and she stuck with me until the bitter end, long after most agents would have given up. We never met before the weekend I flew down to buy the house. I made the purchase order and went back to NY a day later and she took over. She handled every little detail. She was honest, clear and concise. It was pure luck when I picked her off the web site, but I don’t believe there is any other agent or agency that could have done a better job for me.”